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Chemical Dependency Center for the Chemically Dependent

crystal meth & cocaine addictionWelcome to the Chemical Dependency Center, one of the drug treatment divisions of Gulf Coast Recovery. This site was created with the intention that it would help inform people about substance abuse treatment options. At the Chemical Dependency Center our main focus is on the individual and finding a recovery path that works for each person. Being chemically dependent and dealing with the problem is difficult for the user as well as anyone who comes into close contact with the user.

drug addictedOur comprehensive programs offer solutions for families and individuals and we are dedicated to rebuilding and restoring the lives that have been broken down by addiction such as crystal meth addiction, cocaine addiction, & prescription drug addiction. If you or someone you love is chemically dependent, then we are glad you have found us. At the Chemical Dependency Center there is hope and a new way of living. Please contact us today and find out how to receive the help you need.

chemical dependency detoxSubstance abuse treatment allows the individual who is abusing drugs to have a life free of drug abuse. To the drug addicted person this seems impossible, but there is hope for the drug addict and the drug addict’s family. Our substance abuse program offers a plan of recovery that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. A chemical dependency detox might be needed first and we have partnered with a local hospital to provide a thorough detox so that a proper drug treatment program can be followed. Our adult drug rehab offers a safe environment for the individual to work on themselves through working with a drug addiction counselor in private and in group sessions.


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